• Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier 9 Piece Knife Block Set
Key features. . Superbly made 3 rivet handles - with a full stainless steel tang running the whole length of the handle giving exceptional strength, resilience and control. Bringing Sabatier right up to date - V Sabatier blades are skilfully manufactured from the finest grade high carbon stainless steel - Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium - to create a much harder and stronger blade. Precision through and through - the blade tapers from the top of the blade to the cutting edge allowing effortless precision cutting. . Contains:. . Paring knife: for peeling or top and tailing fruit and vegetables. All purpose knife: a real mutli purpose knife that cuts, slices and trims meats, vegetables and sandwiches. Vegetable knife: ideally suited for peeling or chopping any fruit or vegetables with a rounded surface. Boning knife: a narrow blade enables it to negotiate the complex profile of bones. 20cm cook's knife: a versatile knife, with a wide blade which lets the cook rock the knife when slicing. Bread knife: with a serrated edge to break the crust and slice cleanly through the bread, without tearing. Carving knife: perfect for carving and slicing meats, larger fruit, boneless roasts and poultry. Carving fork: to steady a joint whilst carving, this useful fork can also pierce meats to ensure they are cooked through and help lift joints and poultry. Sharpening steel: use little and often to keep knives at their optimum sharpness. .

Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier 9 Piece Knife Block Set

Knives are dishwasher safe

'As seen on Master Chef and Great British Bake off'

Full-tang riveted handle for extra strength and durability

Made from highest quality martensitic stainless steel - stays sharper for much longer than cheaper knives

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Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier 9 Piece Knife Block Set

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