How To Start A Blog On WordPress –A Brief Guide

WordPress can be a platform with regard to macro blogging this has the attribute to build the user’s very own website. It is open-source software which is free of cost. The phrase free here means that the bloggers can use the podium, modify as well as redistribute without paying fees or payment of any kind.

Introduction to be able to WordPress

As stated previous, the platform can be an open-source software which can be free. This is a community venture where many individuals made benefits, making it the podium what it is.

You will find there’s team that sees by way of the development and general functioning, but the users can lead features, spots and fix pests themselves almost all possible for doing this being free.

how to start your blog post on wordpress

To start out blogging upon the WordPress podium, Users require two things- your own domain name and an account for web hosting. After that, following the steps, users will be able to start blogging in no time.

• The first step will be to sign up for start a blog in case the user doesn’t have one. There are many options available which perform well and can be signed up for a nominal charge which might depend on the option.
• • The second step is choosing a web hosting service plan. There may be options available using the plans however the general advice would be to opt for the most basic and economical one.
• • In situation, the user would not get any url of your website with the hosting company, they need to select one.
• • Next comes the installing. After doing the above actions, users must install the WordPress software.
• • Then, right after choosing a theme, bloggers can start writing their particular first submit.